A Day in the Life: A Cat and His Person

story eyes

Cat slinks down the hall
Guilty as sin and knows it.
Cake crumbs in whiskers.

Cat in the bathtub
Rolling around and purring.
Turn the water on.

Cat atop armoire
Poised for attack. Tiny toy
mouse, unsuspecting.

Cat sits in a box.
Cat sits outside of the box.
Can’t make up his mind.

Cat on the counter
Pushes pencil to the floor.
Naughty cat jumps down.

Cat’s paw on person’s
cheek. Morning. Time to wake up.
Feed me, I’m hungry.

Cat opens bathroom
door, walks in, no privacy.
Stares, meows, walks out.

Sitting down, reading.
Cat jumps onto lap. Purring.
Love me now, person.

Cat sleeps in the sun.
Stretches, opens up his eyes.
Closes eyes again.

Cat hears sound of dish
knows his bowl by sound. Runs in
to kitchen for food.

Cat chases red dot,
jumps high to catch it on wall.
Tired. Time to sleep.

Cat eats, sleeps and bathes.
Chases sunbeams, catnip mice.
Purrs, meows. Snuggles.

Cat, bundle of fur,
great hunter, stalking his prey.
What? Feed you again?

Water dish empty,
Cat wants to know what this means.
How can this happen?

Person, fill the bowl!
Drinks toilet water, like dog.
Cat will die of thirst.

Person loves her cat.
Cat tolerates his person
because she feeds him.

Cat sleeps on the bed.
His person sleeps there, too, but
bed belongs to cat.


About Peace Penguin

Just a penguin on the path to choosing peace.
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