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Digital collage © penguin4peace. All rights reserved. heart beating in time to a different drummer strength of character. mind embracing life. encouraging creative participation. soul, seeking deeply, exploring its inner depths. strength of spirit. body in search of healing, recovery, … Continue reading

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Sensory Overload

Digital collage © Penguin4peace. All rights reserved. Desert heat, blazing inferno incinerates. Surely this is hell. Cool green underfoot. Blades of grass wave in the breeze. Hallucinating. Everyone talking, Music, TV blaring. Chaos. Relentless assault. No escape from noise. Constant … Continue reading

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Kissing Donkeys

Kissing donkeys is all the rage. Kissing asses— done too much of that.

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Universe in Balance

Apollo in the chariot of the sun by Peter Paul Rubens, c.1621-1625. From the Lichtenstein Princely Collections. Apollo, in his chariot, crosses the skies ablaze with color. Darkness encroaches, sun sinks slowly below the horizon. Nightfall. Silence reigns, the odd, … Continue reading

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Celestial Oneness

© 2014 Penguin4Peace. All rights reserved. Cascading shimmer. Sunlight on her flowing hair. Incandecere. Blissful bouyancy carried upon joyous winds. Exhilaration. Floating. Aimless in rapturous exultation. Her spirit dances. Darkness envelops her in its heavenly arms. Her light glows within. … Continue reading

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Dream big. Be love.

Goddess: © Penguin4Peace. All rights reserved. He said if she washed the car, it would rain. She did. Rain fell from the sky. He said if she put it in water, roots would grow and they could plant it. He … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life: Ayden’s Angels

Photo courtesy of (Correcting my earlier attribution) “You’re just another damned bleeding heart.” “People should just suck it up and deal with things. They made their beds, now they can lie in them.” “I have problems of my own. … Continue reading

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