A Day in the Life: Hungry Cats

catseyeshe’s such a sweet boy
this cat whose person I am.
snuggles next to me.

his brother eschews
his human’s touch, wants contact
only on his terms.

one tuxedo, one striped
velvety soft, shining coats
groom one another.

these furry creatures
offer comfort, joy, love, as
long as I feed them.

mom mom mom, wake up!
mom mom mom it’s five o’clock.
mom mom mom feed us!

mom mom, paw on nose,
whack on head, loud meow, mom
it’s time for breakfast.

she’s not waking up
flying leap, lands on chest. mom
wake up and feed us!

she pretends not to
hear, paw on jugular, must
make her feed us.

she’s up! feed us now.
mom mom where are you going?
that’s not the kitchen.

mom mom mom mom mom
the kitchen is this way mom
don’t you love us mom?

too early to feed
us? huh, you’re not our real mom
she would feed us now.

we’re always hungry?
you never feed us enough!
we are big boys now.

food is expensive?
not our problem, we’re just cats.
we are hungry NOW!



About Peace Penguin

Just a penguin on the path to choosing peace.
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