Dream big. Be love.

Goddess: © Penguin4Peace. All rights reserved.

He said if she washed
the car, it would rain. She did.
Rain fell from the sky.

He said if she put
it in water, roots would grow
and they could plant it.

He said if she dreamed
beyond imagination
she could learn to fly.

She soared to the heights,
basked in the sun’s aura
and burned to a crisp.

She crashed to the ground
a flash of sunlight, shining
in the light of day.

He said, the sun has
merely burnished your aura,
a trial by fire.

He said, you are strong,
you will thrive. You are golden.
You are beautiful.

He said, you must love
yourself with your heart and mind.
You are a goddess.

She listened to him.
In truth, she did not believe.
She doubted herself.

He left. She wished for
his return. In her heart, she
heard him say, be love.


About Peace Penguin

Just a penguin on the path to choosing peace.
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