A Day in the Life: Day Tripping

Photo courtesy Baumgartner’s. baumgartnercheese.com

Monroe, WI, a quaint, small town, is known for a few wonderful things, among them, Baumgartner’s Cheese Store and Tavern. They serve stinky Limburger cheese sandwiches, mouth-watering beery brats, and some of the best dark beer around. They also make a dynamite BLT with brick cheese sandwich. I know this because I had one today. My other dad, Tony, and I took a little day trip up to Monroe, where we had a leisurely lunch, and then traversed the square, looking at their collection of public art, which includes a variety of whimsical, sculpted, brightly painted, mostly barnyard animals. Except the mermaid. Definitely not your barnyard variety.

monroe pig with cow Monroe tiger calf mornoe peacockmonroe mermaid

Most of the stores are closed on Sunday, but it was a beautifully sunny, warm and very windy day, and the small number of visitors were mostly collected inside Baumgartner’s, where patrons are invited, for $10 a pop, to guess the number of dollar bills stuck to the ceiling for a chance to win half the money in September, when the ceiling is cleaned. The rest of the money goes to charity.

Photo courtesy Baumgartner’s. baumgartnercheese.com

All in all, we had a lovely little adventure. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend having lunch at Baumgartner’s. Not fancy, but definitely delicious. In case that’s not your thing, there’s a Chinese restaurant next door…

Baumgartner’s Cheese Store and Tavern
1023 16th Avenue
Monroe, WI 53566
(608) 325-6157



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