A Day in the Life: Hello, lightning!

tent frame with water dropletsCool, cloudy morning
Grey skies, trees swaying. Fragrance
of rain in the air.

So, not only is the fragrance in the air, the rain, itself is in the air, as it was yesterday…along with seriously loud thunder and awesome lightning. And therein lay the problem yesterday. We had put up my E-Z up canopy on Friday to keep from getting wet while grilling ribs and chicken. It was still standing yesterday as a heavy storm approached. I could see the top coming loose in the escalating winds, so out I went, barefoot, to remove the top before it tore or blew away.

This is the scene yesterday:
It’s starting to drizzle, the wind is whipping the canvas around like mad, the lightning is moving ever closer and I’m grasping the metal frame in my hands, foot holding down the metal piece on the bottom of each leg, releasing the catches to lower the frame to reach the top, since I’m too short to do otherwise. As I’m unfastening the last Velcro fastener, there’s a brilliant flash right behind me, followed almost immediately by a ferocious clap of thunder. Only now does it occur to me that I could easily be toast if that lightning finds this flimsy metal frame out in the middle of my yard. I grab the cover and run for the garage.

The tent frame remains, having survived two more heavy storms. I realized a few minutes ago, after this morning’s storm ended, that it really takes two people to put the stupid tent away. Guess it will wait until help arrives. Not taking any more chances…



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