A Day in the Life: End of summer and other delights

fall is coming

Today, I finally got outside for a few minutes, after being cooped up in the studio for more than a week. This is an all-too-brief outing, since on Monday, I’ll be cooped up in the house again as a result of foot surgery.

Fall is definitely here. The leaves and the ivy on the house are turning. It’s a cloudy, windy day today, so some of the photos that  were in areas are a touch blurry.

Best of all, when I woke up this morning and went into the kitchen to make coffee, I glanced into the living room, where until last week, I had been working very long hours on the laptop. Perhaps from overuse, or maybe just because, the laptop went berserk on Monday evening. I moved to the iMac in the studio, where I’ve been steadily hammering away at a big freelance job, as well as my regular work. The surprise this morning was a gorgeous crimson hibiscus in full bloom, with lots of other buds showing on three of the four plants. Everything came into the house in mid-September, when we experienced unseasonably cool overnight low temperatures.

The south end of the living room is a tropical jungle, the other end is home to tropical trees. Until next spring, when it’s warm again, they’ll all live indoors. To give some context to the blossoming hibiscus, I’ve included a picture for context. Cat toys on the floor, a couple of dead leaves…

So much beauty is all around us, if we just take the time to look for it. Nature provides a never-ending source of inspiration, especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed.
Thanks for looking.


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