A Day in the Life: The Flame Extinguished

sunsetIs there ever really any right thing to say upon hearing the news of a loved one’s death? I cannot begin to imagine what those words might be. When my beloved sister-in-law called me late yesterday morning, I was completely unprepared to hear that my nephew, the older of their two children, the first grandchild in the family, had suffered a heart attack and died in the car on their way to  visit with his daughter. Sisters by law, she is the sister I never had. She is my sister in my heart.

As a mother, myself, I can imagine her grief. My brother generally guards his emotions carefully behind a mask of stoicism. How does a stoic hide the grief manifest in the loss of a child? Our children are supposed to outlive us.

life begins. a spark
in the universe becomes
a flame, a promise.

but a flame is no
promise of a bonfire, no
guarantee of life.

Rest in peace, dear David. For your family and all who loved you, may your memory be for a blessing forever in our hearts.



About Peace Penguin

Just a penguin on the path to choosing peace.
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