A Day in the Life: Self-portrait According to Max

A hundred years ago, when I was in high school, my senior art teacher, Max Briggs, taught me two very important lessons. At the time, they probably made no sense, much like what a lot of teachers told me, but over the years, I’ve come to appreciate his widsom.

First, one day, as I was laboring over a completed drawing, head cocked to one side, lips pursed (I still do that when I’m concentrating), looking critically at it and wanting to fix something, anything, that would have perfected it, Mr. Briggs sneaked silently up behind me, leaned over my shoulder and said, “Ms. Berney, everything doesn’t have to be the Mona Lisa.” Scared the living perfectionist outta me! I’m still a bit of a perfectionist, but I have, after 40+ years, learned that sometimes, a rough drawing suffices in art, as in life.

He laid the second one on me as I was very hastily putting together an assignment I neither liked, nor felt compelled to devote much time to doing, as was obvious from my careless work. “Ms. Berney, be careful. Every piece of art you do is, in some way, a self-portrait and you will be judged.” That said, I proudly present my most recent self-portrait, created this morning between bandage changes. Judge away!

foot-stitches in the light bw 2
© Barbara Berney. All rights reserved.


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