A Day in the Life: Windows to the Soul

story eyes closeup Wall-e eyes closeup

If it’s true that the eyes are the windows to the souls, mine maybe could use some replacements these days. Pella, where are you when I need you?

A trip to the ophthalmologist yesterday showed a marked loss of vision continuing a trend that began this summer. He also detected something called Elshnig’s pearls, which could possibly be affecting acuity. I’ll be going back in the next few weeks to have each eye treated with the YAG laser to remove the pearls.

After I got toasted in 2001, in the way you become conscious of cars like the one you just bought and suddenly notice them everywhere, I began to really notice eyes: humans, cats, dogs, squirrels, birds, beady little mice eyes. You get the drift. Animals seem to make real eye contact more easily than many humans, and having two cats whose faces are often right in  mine, I’ve been fascinated by the clarity and beauty of their eyes as they gaze at me. Both the boys are pretty mellow fellows. Story, the little grey striped BIG cat, doesn’t mind having his picture taken, and when I’m close enough that he’s in my face, of course, I can’t disturb him to get up to get my camera to photograph his amazing eyes. Wall-e, my tuxedo boy, shies away from the camera. Unless he is completely at rest, it’s generally difficult to even see his light eyes. His pupils open wide and they appear as black as his fur.

As I pondered the status of my own eyes, first one, then the other of the two boys climbed up on my lap in the comfy chair to show me they missed me while I was gone overnight and much of today. I don’t generally have the opportunity to get this close with the dSLR, so I was delighted to have my new phone close by. Its camera is much better than the previous one, so I was lucky enough to capture the mesmerizing intensity and depth of their stares and the detail in the pattern of hair around the eyes.

Anyone who insists that animals have no souls has never peered into those perfect little windows.


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