A Day in the Life: First Real Snow of Winter

hydrant in front yard
After a long week of caretaking and working and sleep deprivation, I crashed at 11 last night and awoke very early this morning to a winter wonderland, our first real snowstorm of winter. It’s still too dark to tell how much snow has already fallen, but it’s nowhere near what we are forecast by late tonight. With blizzard-like conditions beginning this afternoon, there could be significant drifting, which will make it that much more difficult to get out tomorrow. In the meantime, one of my treasured memories from another time…


It’s snowing like mad, and I have to take the kids to the sitter and get to work. I run downstairs, put the coffee on, turn on the space heater on the back porch off the kitchen, run back upstairs to shower and dry my hair, brush my teeth and get dressed. I wake the boys, see that they are getting up and ready for school and run back downstairs to drink my coffee before I have to start breakfast. The magic begins.

I take my fresh coffee (in my favorite red mug) out to the now toasty warm porch, with its three walls of long windows looking out on the back yard. With the red brick walls painted winter white, white mini-blinds, white trim and doors, I sit at my verdigris wrought iron table, savoring that first sip. I’m lost  in the midst of a winter wonderland, where my thoughts slow down for few minutes before the boys come noisily downstairs and my day officially begins. I stare out the windows and I soak up the peaceful early morning, the yard softly illuminated by the streetlights, the sun slowly rising over the tops of the trees. The cats have joined me on the porch, perched on the wide windowsills, making their odd, throaty noises as they watch the birds come and go from the feeder hanging just outside.

The call of a little boy’s voice disturbs my reverie. “Mommy, I can’t find my…” It’s time to leave my indoor winter wonderland and get going. I know that I should have been out shoveling my 90′ driveway much earlier, but I figure that if there’s too much snow to get the car out without shoveling, the schools are probably closed, too, and I’ll have to call into work, which apparently never closes for anything. I think to myself that surely, some of those people who are always always always at work in the most severe weather must bunk there!

I go out to warm up the car. The snow is not so deep, and pretty soon, we’re headed out, the boys in their little hooded parkas, hats hand-knitted by mom underneath, scarves, gloves and boots on, backpacks in hand, and I, in my long black wool coat and dress boots, no hat (I just don’t have a hat kind of head), and glasses steamed up in the cold. I’ve forgotten my gloves on the counter, but the car is warming up and I’m thankful to Saab for my bun-warmer seats, a novelty in those days.


Story sits beside me bathing himself after breakfast, getting ready to snuggle up close for a morning nap. Watching the snow, I’m ready to doze off with him. I’m taking this snowstorm as a sign that not only should I stay home today, but I should rest and recharge my drained batteries. I have a list of chores to get done…but as usual, I’ll procrastinate and “do them later.” Right now, I’m just enjoying the moment. Let it snow.

Will the groundhog see his shadow tomorrow?


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