A Day in the Life: Tony Time, Day Two

Wednesday morning dawned too early. We had a lot on our agenda for the day, but alas, Dad slept in. When I finally awakened him, he wanted a shower before breakfast, so I sat on the bed to wait for him in case he needed help. He’s doing very well in his recovery, and for the first time I can remember, he’s doing everything he was told to do at rehab. We had a quick breakfast of honey yogurt with a little granola and fresh fruit, and then prepared to venture out, much later than we had planned.

Armed with the three-page prescription list, I pulled the car around to the front of the building, hopped out to open the doors for him and then stowed his walker in the back seat, much easier to do when the seat is empty!

First stop, Walgreens. The pharmacist looked over the list, told us to come back in the afternoon, and we were on our way to our next stop, the DMV, to replace his misplaced driver’s license, which he will need to fly to New York next week. Typically, taking care of any kind of business at the DMV is a tedious undertaking, but to our amazement, we were lucky—20 minutes in and out.

toothacheWe arrived home with just enough time for a bite to eat before going off to the dentist. The toothache he’d been nursing for the last few days was actually an infection in a root canal that needed retreatment. Appointment scheduled for the next morning, we stopped off at the drugstore to pick up Dad’s scripts. The necessity of nature calling complicated matters. After a 45-minute wait, we were finally on our way home. For dinner, I whipped up some angel hair pasta with clam sauce and a few shrimp (his all-time favorite), with a little salad. We finished just as our 6:00 visitors arrived for dessert.

The kitchen has always been the most important room in the house, but ever since Mom died a year-and-a-half ago, Dad has pretty much avoided spending time there. That changed when our guests chose to sit around the kitchen table and visit, just like old times. Dad enjoyed every moment of their visit, but naturally, he found it difficult to say goodbye to people who have been such an important part of his and Mom’s life for much of their 46 years here.

Once everyone had left, I finished cleaning up the kitchen, while Dad went in to get ready for bed and watch a little TV. Just a few minutes later, I heard him snoring softly. As I had the night before, I gently removed his glasses, turned the TV and the lights off and gave him a goodnight kiss.

When he went to bed, I got to work. I put in a couple of hours on a PowerPoint presentation before giving up and going to bed. An early Thursday morning appointment with the endodontist meant we’d be getting up and out early. As I crawled into bed, I suddenly felt the consequences of schlepping his handy-dandy walker in and out of the car at every stop. Every muscle in my arms and back complained. Thanks to extra-strength Excedrin, I slept undisturbed for a whole four hours. Sleep is good.


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