A Day in the Life: “When I’m 64”

when I'm 64 cakeWhat does one get for the person who already has everything? My dear friend turns 64 today, and he’s not a happy camper. His life is not what he “planned” (whose is???) and it’s all rushing by too quickly, or not quickly enough. Some days it hard to tell. He’s brilliant, inquisitive, sensitive, kind, compassionate and generous. He has flaws, deal-breaker flaws. Like watching Fox news…and a hot temper when his buttons are pushed. He does have a lotta buttons.

But I digress. What on earth do you give someone who, after all these years, has bought or been given as gifts, anything he could wish for, and something you have not given him before, something creative besides your artwork or stuff made from your artwork, plenty of which he already has—prints, mugs, a clock….

After much consideration and creative thought, a [dim] light bulb went on. I knew just what to do. He’s an avid reader and loves the feel and smell of a printed, bound book. But buying someone a book is dicey. I know a lot of what he’s read, because we often have shared books or given them to one another as gifts, but there is no way to know, without asking outright and giving away the surprise, “Have you read….”

When I awakened in the middle of the night, I knew exactly what to do. Good thing the Internet doesn’t close. I logged onto amazon.com, chose a gift card for 64 bucks, and for my message, quoted the first verse of the Beatles’ “When I’m 64.”

It seemed like a good idea in the middle of the night. We shall see.

Cake photo found on Pinterest, Beatles themed parties, pinned from indulgy.com.


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One Response to A Day in the Life: “When I’m 64”

  1. Lynn Wisniewski says:

    It’s an awesome idea for a gift…I may just steal that cake idea for my husband’s 64th, too!

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