A Day in the Life: Not Listening!

Fingers In Ears
I generally refrain from discussing either religion or politics, since both engender very strong visceral responses from a lot of people. I stay away from that sort of conflict, which drains me both emotionally and physically.

Today, however, having once again been visited by the local conversion crew (it’s Easter, and it happens every year), I feel compelled to say my piece about something that has bothered me for many years, ever since the first “well-meaning” Christian attempted to show me the error of my Jewish ways and convert me to their faith in grade school. I was going to go to hell if I didn’t snap to it…

They will tell you that it’s because they love you. Sorry, snickering, fresh-faced boys at my front door, who “noticed that Jewish thingy in the window” at Chanukah, I’m not interested. You don’t know me, you don’t love me, you are simply attempting to tell me why I’m wrong and you’re right. Proselytizing is the height of arrogance.

When I tell you that I’m happy with my choices, that I am not interested in being “saved” and that I don’t want to discuss it any longer, I’m accused of being “intolerant” of their beliefs. HELLO! You telling me that my beliefs are wrong and that I must accept your  Christian saviour or spend eternity in hell is about as intolerant as it gets. Who are YOU to tell me that I am wrong, that I will burn in hell, if I don’t embrace YOUR way of thinking? The First Amendment guarantees my right to believe as I choose, or not at all.

I fully embrace your Constitutional right to believe whatever you wish, but you are NOT entitled to whine, complain and cry “discrimination” when the objects of your enthusiasm decline your unwelcome advances (or attempts to legislate your beliefs, as though only they are true and correct).

What we have here is what’s known as a quid pro quo, in the Latin, “something for something”; you know, something like I’ll respect your right to believe in your faith, or none at all, but you must also respect my rights to do the same.

If you are one of “those” people….who go door to door, or accost perfect strangers in the coffee shop or an art show or the mall, this post is for you. I’m just not interested.


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