A Day in the Life: Advertising (and the Universe) Works!

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Digital collage ©  2015 by Barbara Berney Design Consultants. All rights reserved.

So, yesterday, while I was completing a little advertising booklet for a fundraising event, I got a call for one last change. An advertiser wanted an address deleted. The Lock Doctor, who specializes in doing jobs that no one else can do, has two ads on the page, one for the lock specialty business and another for a second endeavor—hypnotherapy.

I noticed in the first ad a line that claimed they made transponder keys. Aha! I drive an aging Saab, for which I now seem to have only one key. The other appears to be lost somewhere in roommate land. When I approached the dealer here that used to sell and service Saabs, I learned that a replacement key, if I didn’t have one at all, would run around $1200, which did not include programming to make it work with my particular vehicle. If I had an existing key, it would only be around $600—such a deal. I declined their “generous” offer. I decided to call the number in the ad. Maybe I’d be luckier.

Jane answered the phone:

“Good afternoon, Lock Doctor, how may I help you?”

“Hi, my name is *********, and I’m the designer working on the fundraising booklet for *******. As I was making the change you requested for your ad, I noticed that you are able to provide transponder keys for foreign cars.”

“Yes, but it depends on the kind of car. What kind of car do you drive?”

“A 2001 Saab.”

“Ohh, that’s what we call an ‘exotic import’, so I’ll give you my husband’s cell number and you may call him to see if he can help you.”

“Great, thank you. I’ll give him a call right away.”

So, call I did. As it turns out, not only can he order and program a key for me at a very reasonable price, he will order two, and will also make a key that will only open the trunk (but to be kept elsewhere than on the key ring…). When I commented that it pays to advertise, he asked me about his second ad for his avocation, hypnotherapy. We chatted a bit, and I asked him if he could teach me self-hypnosis to relieve the full-body chronic pain that is my constant companion.

Bob asked me a dozen questions about my physical and emotional health, and then offered me a complimentary consult. He went on to detail his long training and all of his certifications in the practice, but he also claimed that he could never have reached his goals of self-employment and helping others without his lovely, wonderful wife of 50 years, who, he says, “keeps him on track.”

Not only did he sell me three keys, but he has a potential new hypnotherapy client…all because they decided to make a change to their ad! Advertising—and the universe—really work!


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