A Day in the LIfe: A Glorious Day Trip

So, I know I’ve been absent for quite a while, but in my defense, things have been kind of crazy, and ever since my brother died suddenly at the end of May, I’ve suffered from some sort of creative block. Between working, helping patients with post-refractive surgery issues through my nonprofit, creating product for a couple of shows, volunteering with a downtown redevelopment group and dealing with way too much loss for one year, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time.

Because I really needed a break, a friend and I hopped in the car and drove up into Wisconsin, stopping first in Beloit for breakfast and to view a photographer friend’s exhibit. Next we moved on to Brodhead, where we wandered a bit, enjoyed a mocha, and took some pictures. Our next stop was New Glarus, where we visited their brewery and took more pictures. We continued on to Mineral Point, where we had lunch at the Red Rooster Cafe, toured several galleries and ended up at a pottery studio on Shake Rag Street.

We wandered around the studio, staying way too long, the two of us coming away with matching mugs. The sun was already beginning to set as we hit the road for home. We opted to take only back roads for our trip today, rather than taking the highway, where you go too fast and miss too much. Passing through many small towns and across miles of farmland, we traveled at a leisurely pace, stopping to take in the spectacular colors of autumn. As my mother used to say, “Nature’s paintbrush is glorious!” She was right.

It was a day well spent with good company, and I even got a few nice shots.


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