A Day in the Life: The Book Bully

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OK, I know it’s Christmas and everything, and Merry Christmas to all, but my email reminded today of another in a series of bullying incidents by an author who totally turned me off to anything connected with him, and who has also hurt a lot of wonderful people. I just need to vent.

This New York Times best-selling author (still trying to figure that one out) writes about animals and professes to encourage creativity, that is, until he feels threatened by strong women and anyone who dares to write better than he does (not all that difficult, IMO). He calls his efforts “the ministry of encouragement”, which, in the beginning, were helpful to lots of creatives who climbed aboard his train. We, for a brief time, touched, moved and inspired one another, and the favored few enjoyed this author’s benevolent gestures. The rest of us, however, did not fare so well. When I dared to blog about some not entirely pleasant life experiences, I was criticized for being melodramatic, and informed that no one wanted to read anything so miserable—this, despite the fact that feedback from readers was very encouraging.

As part of this author’s efforts, he started a book club, encouraging us all to share the books we were reading, and to discuss them. Admittedly, I read a lot more than a lot of people, and I read very fast, so I’m always on the lookout for interesting books I can afford (yep, fixed income, like so many others). When I first joined the Bedlam book club, I posted a long list of books I’d been able to afford to read because I subscribed to bookbub.com, which offers low-priced specials on many electronic versions of books, some new, some classics.

Ooopsies, bad girl bad girl. This best-selling author roundly castigated me for even wanting to buy bargains, for being “cheap” and for hurting authors who make a living from their writing (as he would like to). Surprised and embarrassed, I deleted my entry and stayed away, only occasionally sharing something I found especially worthy. Not long after that, I noticed in my bookbub.com feed that the bully was the author of one of my daily choices! Today, I open up my mail, and once again, he who objected so adamantly to the very idea of bookbub.com that he had to publicly humiliate me, has yet another book on offer for $1.99.

I loathe hypocrites, liars and bullies. Unfortunately, my experience with the NYTimes best-selling author has not been an isolated case. I’ve come to the conclusion that this man is delusional, a narcissist, and perhaps suffers from BPD (Bordeline Personality Disorder), “a serious mental illness marked by unstable moods, behavior, and relationships.” (NIMH) He is an angry man, a sad man, an empty man, a wannabe deep thinker, and a hypocritical bully. He grooms his prey and then swoops in to devour them. I have chosen to avoid him and his influence, although I have developed wonderful friendships with many of his devotees, some current, some former. When he hurts them, I hurt for them.

He’s still driving that train, with people jumping off to escape his bullying, and desperately trying to garner new riders. I believe that eventually, his little train, running out of fuel, will stop on the tracks and die, and he will do no more harm to those who trusted and believed in him.


When I stumbled upon bookbub.com, I was thrilled! Delivered daily in my mail, selections on the topics I chose are available from free to $2.99. Whoopwhoopwhoop! Those are books I can afford, and I’ve made great use of the site. I strongly encourage others who are voracious readers to check the site out and take advantage of their offerings.


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