A Day in the Life: Stu-pidity

dog bed

OMG, it’s a DOG BED! Ick ick ick!

A very creative mom with two little guys came up with a clever solution to an everyday problem. Her little ones love to lie on the floor and watch movies, but the floor just isn’t that comfy. While shopping one day, she came upon a display of beautiful, high end dog beds in tasteful colors and patterns. She purchased one for each of her little angels.

Her inspiration proved popular with the kids, who were happily ensconced in their fluffy, comfy little beds watching a movie when Daddy Stu came home. He took one look at the dog beds and blew a gasket. Apparently, the idea of HIS children sleeping on brand new, comfy DOG beds was too terrible to bear. Dog beds, I tell you, they were lying on DOG BEDS! (Is this really a mountain he’s willing to die on?) Now, Daddy is not exactly the easygoing type, in fact, he’s a rather stuffy, fussy Englishman, who must have things just so. (He wouldn’t have lasted a day in my house.)

Several days went by, the kids enjoying their comfort, but Daddy just had to win that mountain and insisted that Mommy return the beds and get her money back. I suppose Mommy just wanted to keep the peace, so she packed them up to return them. The little guys were vocal in their displeasure, but he remained unmoved, so off to the store Mommy went.

I’m still trying to figure out why a comfy little bed, only called a dog bed because someone decided to name it that to make some money, is such a *BFD.* The only reason I can think off is that Daddy Stu would rather be right than have happy, comfy kids, which seems a lot like Stu-pidity to me. Just sayin’.


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4 Responses to A Day in the Life: Stu-pidity

  1. I see no problem at all with kids and
    soft; comfy dog beds!
    But, an alternative might be what I got for puppy Hannah when she arrived. Her breeder was always posting adorable photos of her litter on a red bean bag chair…I had forgotten about those! Found a very soft blue one at Pier 1 and we all; Dalmatians and cats included, love it!

    • Yes, but bean bag chairs have a tendency to split and leave little styrofoam things everywhere, as my older son discovered at age 11. As he tried to vacuum them up, they stuck to the vacuum cleaner, and we had to get another vacuum cleaner with the wand and vacuum them off the vacuum. Not funny at the time, but funny now!

  2. Oh, no!! I promise I am not laughing. 😁
    This one I have is cloth and has been tackled by pups, cats and a ten year old boy!!

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