A Day in the Life: Inspiration II



Our ability to create is limited only by our imaginations. When I see something intriguing, I always feel compelled to follow up, and if possible, to share with others who might not otherwise ever be exposed. Today, I came across sculptor Eva Jospin’s “deep, dark forests sculpted from cardboard,” imagination on a grand scale with a reverence for the earth.

“Eva Josten makes art that completes a circle. She creates dense, dark forests out a material which they ultimately produce – sheets of cardboard. Cutting, layering and gluing the waste product into scenes with surprising depth, one could almost imagine taking a wander amongst their dark trunks, roots and leaves.

Jospin’s material is more than fitting for her subject. The rough textures and brown hues perfectly emulate the bark of trees, and even the soil beneath.” (Benjamin Starr, Visual News)

To find out more and see her work, I highly recommend a visit to visualnews.com


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I love this 😀

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