A Day in the Life: Inspiration VII—It’s for the Birds!

Greater bird of paradise. 2014

For bird lovers everywhere, and for many creative and artist types (like me), few things inspire us more than the beautiful creatures that inhabit our world with us. From the first robin of spring (haven’t seen one, yet…) to the colorful parrots of the Amazon, birds provide an endless show of grace and beauty.

European bee eater. Photo by Henrique Mangeon. 2013

When I saw her works, I was immediately drawn to these gorgeous paper lovelies, crafted by Colombian artist, Diana Beltrán Herrera. “Working primarily with paper, she crafts the most intricate birds, with every single feather, beak and minor detail expertly included in her delicate 3D sculptures.

“A graduate in Industrial Design from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in 2010, she has a particular fascination with nature and loves to explore the patterns, colours and complex systems that are so often found in the natural world.


Cockerel for Vietnam exhibition. Paper sculpture. 2015

“To craft her exquisite paper birds, she builds up layers to form a base structure, and then adds and glues delicate paper feathers that are fashioned to mimic the real composition of our feathered friends. After she’s added things like legs by using wire and floral tape, she paints each and every feather on her birds to make them as realistic and colourful as possible. Each sculpture can take up to two weeks to complete, depending on their size and complexity.” (Source)

For 2016, Diana will be adding insects, butterflies, fish and lots of plants and flowers to her work.  To see more of her amazing creations, please visit her website. And by all means, please share!


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