A Day in the Life: Inspiration VIII

For some time, I’ve been feeling uninspired under the pressure of financial disasters: nearly dead cat (had to have surgery), dead central air system, dead laptop, and medical bills that just keep accruing as I go to physical therapy twice a week for a bum shoulder. I’ve managed to produce only two pieces of art in months, have made no jewelry, except for restringing two necklaces for a client. In fact, the only real work I’ve done has been production of a 40-page, tabloid-size newsletter published quarterly and a a couple of rather simple posters.

This morning, while drinking my coffee and planning my day, I encountered the work of artist Matteo Massagrande, which blew me away. I’ve always been fascinated by abandoned architectural spaces, and have even created a few pieces of art based upon them.

door to my dreams 6"      oldhomestead-6"

I was so impressed with Matteo Massagrande’s work, I’m sharing it here, today. From his profile on Artsy: “Matteo Massagrande paints interior scenes with multiple focal points, a compositional style absorbed from having studied Renaissance masterworks while working as the assistant to a restorer of 15th- to 19th-century artworks. He blends late 19th-century Italian Realism with contemporary photorealism and Renaissance art techniques. Addressing themes of remembrance and temporality, Massagrande depicts interior spaces in varying states of deterioration. His cinematic perspectives and eerie light effects suggest the presence of previous inhabitants and their former lives. The artist builds each composition in sections, adding texture and patina as if restoring the painting while creating it. Massagrande once met [artist] Giorgio de Chirico, who inspired him to develop his own style rather than adhere to more popular abstract styles.” You can see Matteo’s work here:

The detail in these is amazing. A few of his works:

la stanza gialla-massagrande

La Stanza Gialla. Matteo Massagrande

terraza massagrande

Terraza. Matteo Massagrande


Poggiolo. Matteo Massagrande

For more very cool inspirational works, check out Katy Cowen’s Creative Boom blog.


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