A Day in the Life: Today’s ‘Pet’ Peeve


Story (L) and Wall-e (R)

I’ve never been a particularly vocal pet lover, although I’ve always had dogs or cats or both, or other pets. They have been part of our family, whether growing up as a child, or as an adult with my own family. At one time, I had six indoor cats (Bubba, Rocky, Sam, Lizzy, Patton and G Kitty), a [mostly] outdoor dog (Windsor), two indoor rabbits (Easter and Sunday), a hamster (Hammy), an anonymous anole, and two indoor-outdoor kids and husband—all under one roof. There were five litter boxes, scooped morning and evening and in-between, as necessary. All of them, including the kids and husband, always had abundant water, sufficient food and shelter, and when the temperature was too hot or too cold, Windsor stayed cool downstairs in the basement with everyone else. I currently have two adopted cats, Waldorf and Astoria (Wall-e and Story), indoor cats who are well cared for and much loved.

We are currently under an extreme heat advisory, with dire warnings about dehydration and heatstroke. I’m now stepping up on my soapbox.

What I cannot, and never will understand, are those inhumane pet owners who leave their animals out in life-threatening weather, often without water, and chained or enclosed without shelter from the elements. Why on earth would anyone treat an animal to that which humans would not tolerate? What is the point of keeping and mistreating an animal? No, they are not human, and no they are not like children, regardless of what anyone may insist. However, they are living, sentient beings, sensitive to heat and cold, thirst and hunger, and that should be enough to treat them humanely. When there’s a heat advisory, with a heat index of over 100°F, how could anyone chain a dog up outdoors without shade or fresh water? When it’s -20°F, how could anyone leave an animal, or worse, a child, in a car alone for any amount of time in these severe weather conditions?

Have those who do these things descended to such a low level that their humanity has all but abandoned them? Especially for the people down the street, who thought nothing of leaving their dog out in any sort of weather, whining, crying and barking all day and night, why was it necessary to call animal services to come to your pet’s rescue? What the hell is the matter with you?

Please, remember that when it’s too hot or too cold out for you, it’s too hot or cold for most household pets. Treat your fur family with the same concern you show for yourself, or don’t have pets. End of rant. Stepping down from soapbox.


About Peace Penguin

Just a penguin on the path to choosing peace.
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1 Response to A Day in the Life: Today’s ‘Pet’ Peeve

  1. Sweets, I will stand on the soapbox with you! I don’t understand it at all!

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