A Day in the Life: More Slice and Dice

More slice and dice in the OR

I know I’ve neglected my blog for a while. I’ve had quite a lot going on, some of it not really things I’m comfortable sharing with the whole world. After my stroke, I had so little energy that I couldn’t even think to write. As I recovered from that, I began having some serious issues with my spine, and have now had several rounds of injections at L1, which have brought immense relief. I was scheduled to have shoulder repair surgery on June 16, but that never happened because…

On June 6, I underwent yet another slice and dice to implant a sacral neurostimulator. For whatever reason, despite boatloads of sedation—propofol, Versed and Precedex, along with both local and topical anesthetics—I somehow failed to sedate. In plain language, I underwent surgery without benefit of anesthesia. I could feel every move, hear every sound. Quite a few times, I cried out in pain. “Nevertheless, [I] persisted” and surgery continued, that is, until very suddenly and without warning, my heart stopped for 10 seconds. Had I not been in the OR, that might have been disastrous. As it were, OR staff administered a shot of epinephrine, bringing me right back. And while blood now pumped through my heart, severe dry heaves wracked my body until a shot of anti-nausea medicine eliminated them. After a few minutes, I was fine and surgery completed.

As one might imagine, my energy has once again flagged. I’m just beginning to get back to the “normal” that is me, and I’m hoping to be more inspired to write and to create new artwork. Please bear with me.


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