A Day in the Life: Mom discovers Instagram!

Morning at a Chiang Mai flower market. instagram.com/j.dewitz/ All rights reserved.

OK, my title is more than a bit misleading, since I don’t post to Instagram, myself, and I’ve known about it for some time. However, my elder son, who lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand, has a fabulous Instagram page that vividly portrays the culture and architecture of his city. From street scenes, to temples, marketplaces, and much more, his photographs are a wonderful, vicarious look at daily life.

I’ll be sharing some of his photos on this blog, not just because I’m a proud mama, but also, because they are beautiful, informative and worth sharing. Each photo is accompanied by background information that helps to give a sense of the experience. Since there are 1000 or so temples in Chiang Mai, many of his photos depict their art and architecture that surround him in his daily life.

Yes, it’s hard to have my son live half a world away. He is, however, following his heart and his passion, and I’m proud of his courage and determination to choose his own path. Please check out his Instagram page, and share with friends. His website will be coming soon and photos will be offered for sale. instagram.com/j.dewitz/ 

Chiang Mai at night. Photo by James Dewitz. All rights reserved.





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