A Day in the Life: Creativity Loves Misery

After the loss of two long-time friendships, I felt positively miserable, even though it seems a positive step in reclaiming the real me. Rather than sit around like a potato (no offense to potatoes), I went into my studio and started making things. Creating something beautiful always lifts my spirits, which certainly needed a boost.

I make most of my jewelry with vintage or antique parts—findings, chain or beads. I haunt ebay and the vintage and antique shops looking for possible items to take apart and repurpose. Murano sommerso beads have always been a favorite, and my collection is rather large and still growing. Actually, the same goes for the entire bead collection, which takes up an entire 6′ closet and numerous other drawers and containers. I can no longer even begin to estimate the number of beads and stones of all types. Add in all the findings, doodads, stringing materials, tools, etc., and you have an addiction out of control.

The time spent in my studio hiding turned out to be rather productive. I generally post my work to several Facebook pages, which results in sales I would not otherwise enjoy. Today, I’m posting the fruits of my misery here. Some are still for sale, so feel free to leave a comment if you see something you like, or if you’d like me to create something special just for you, and I’ll get back to you.

colors of fall pearl necklace lr

Colors of fall pearl necklace

citrine, purple, clear necklace bling lr

citrine, purple and lavender crystal necklace

Red Brecciated Jasper copper necklace LR

brecciated jasper and copper necklace

purple flower jasper necklace for eileen LR

Purple flower jasper necklace SOLD

purple flower jasper bracelet LR

purple flower jasper bracelet

pink swar soccer ball, crystal and opal necklace LR

pink Swarovski soccer ball, crystal and opal necklace

pink rose murano necklace LR

pink rose murano necklace SOLD

picasso jasper pendant necklace LR

picasso jasper pendant necklace

murano turq copper pendant necklace LR

Murano sommerso turquoise copper pendant necklace

lampwork disc bead lavender necklace LR

lampwork disc bead lavender necklace

green lavender crystal silver chain LR

green and lavender crystal with silver-colored chain

chinese bead pendant necklace LR

chinese bead pendant necklace SOLD. Also has bracelet and earrings to match.

blue druzy agate with bronze leaf LR

blue druzy agate with bronze leaf

aqua Murano disc beads necklace LR

aqua Murano disc beads necklace

Lots more of my jewelry, glassware and digital collage are available here.


About Peace Penguin

Just a penguin on the path to choosing peace.
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