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A Day in the Life: Perfect Morning

Quiet, still morning Pink-streaked skies hint of rain as another day dawns. Birds begin to chirp Clouds move slowly overhead A gentle breeze blows. Dove coos in her nest Cat asleep in the window Coffee. Peace. Perfect. Advertisements

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A Day in the Life: Solitude

Solitude, quiet. Blissfully meditative. Blessedly peaceful. I come from a large, boisterous family, the only girl with six brothers. Although we always lived in homes sufficient for the number of inhabitants, as a child, it was often impossible to find … Continue reading

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Sensory Overload

Digital collage © Penguin4peace. All rights reserved. Desert heat, blazing inferno incinerates. Surely this is hell. Cool green underfoot. Blades of grass wave in the breeze. Hallucinating. Everyone talking, Music, TV blaring. Chaos. Relentless assault. No escape from noise. Constant … Continue reading

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