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A Day in the Life: Yum! Rum!

Before I moved from my house with a small, but usable kitchen to an apartment with a teeny-weeny, difficult kitchen, I cooked or baked nearly every day, mostly for other people. Lately, as the weather has grown colder with the … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life: Kitchen Adventures—Tomato Marmalade Chicken

OK, so I know tomato marmalade chicken maybe doesn’t sound so great, but it was truly delicious. This past Friday, I catered a dinner for some friends. These friends have invited me to dinner once a month for ages. I … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Rummy Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie: Sinfully Delicious

Today’s entry is another foodie post. I love to experiment with food, and each year at Thanksgiving, I try something new. The Tree House Foodie’s lobster bisque was, without a shadow of a doubt, a winner, but there were some … Continue reading

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