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Thanksgiving Rummy Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie: Sinfully Delicious

Today’s entry is another foodie post. I love to experiment with food, and each year at Thanksgiving, I try something new. The Tree House Foodie’s lobster bisque was, without a shadow of a doubt, a winner, but there were some … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Lobster Bisque: Heaven in a Spoon

This Thanksgiving, I decided to try my hand at making lobster bisque for our first course. I needed a really good recipe that didn’t have a lot of ingredients I didn’t have or couldn’t get. I asked my friend, Glenn … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life: The Path to Peace

  You are stunned to receive a list of job postings in an area where you think you might want to live. Your best friend has property out west and based on her description, you like the sound of it. … Continue reading

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